The Mission of JailMoney, a trusted money service, is to allow users to securely deposit money online fast, accurately, and on-time into assigned accounts with funds readily available for loved ones currently incarcerated or confined.


  • Serve our Customers with secure, reliable, affordable money services
  • Become a competitive and progressive money service company
  • To be faster, flexible, and add more customized value and services for our customers
  • To be the customers’ first choice – a preferred trusted money service company and earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers, recognition gained through excellent results
  • Social responsibility – advocate for social change, act in ways that promote respect for all persons, and demonstrate compassion for families, and those incarcerated and confined

Helping You Help Out Your Loved Ones

After having one of my siblings incarcerated and knowing the struggle it is going to put money on his books, I figured that I would help out others that are unable to do so due to certain circumstances. Having to pay for parking, waiting in long lines and just dealing with the whole situation is exhausting. Now with our service, we will physically deposit the money into the inmate’s account at the detention facility the inmate is located in. Our fast, easy, and guaranteed services are secure and offer an effortless and quick way to get cash to your loved ones effectively.

All we need is the inmate’s full name, their booking number, the amount to send, your full name and we will handle the rest.  We can handle any amount between $1.00 and $500.00.